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This product includes: 2 heated cycling gloves TG190, 2 batteries, charger with international plugs and a packing bag.


Event windproof material

- Water repelent


- Double pocket to position the battery 

Manual heat control and bluetooth customisable heat control mode

Tugga App (Available in Google play and App store)

Magnetic battery and charger with international plugs

7,4v 2700mAh Litium battery (Dekra certification)

Tugga thermostat control temperature

Certificates: CE, EMC, RoHs, GS & TÜV

Manual instructions in 3 languages


Tugga heated gloves have two operating modes. 

A manual mode, pressing on the glove button, and a customizable mode, tapping on the logo though our Tugga App for iOs and Android.

The manual mode has three pre-set temperature levels (green, orange and red).

The customizable mode, white mode, allows you to select, via bluetooth connection,  the desired temperature using our downloadable free Tugga App.

You can select a temperature from a minimum of 37ºC to a maximum of 44ºC. This temperatures are of body sensation inside the glove. 

The emission temperatures of the heating system (carbon fiber) are higher than the temperatures of sensation. 




Unlike other brands, Tugga heated cycling gloves optimize the temperature using a thermostat strategically located inside the glove. 

This thermostat will be responsible for measuring the interior temperature of the glove and the outside temperature, at all times. 

This will optimize the temperature inside of the glove, creating a feel of constant heat. 

The Tugga thermostat works just like a house heating thermostat, opening and shutting off power at the necessary times. 



Our removable batteries and connectors are magnetic, which provides a quick and secure connection. Magnetic connectors mantain a safe connection while practicing activities as well as an easy and comfortable disconnecting process once the activity is finish. Our technology helps prevent the cable from fraying or weakening over time.

For a longer duration of use, you can purchase replacement batteries.


In our endeavour to deliver the most pleasent and precise warmth, we developed our new heated gloves collection offering two operating options: Manual mode and Bluetooth mode.

The Manual mode provides three heat levels (Red, Ambar and Green) by pressing the turtle logo at the top of the button:

Temperature of corporal sensation

Red (High): 40ºC 2h30' approx

Amber (Medium): 38.5ºC 5h 30' approx

Green (Low): 37 ºC 8h approx

Battery hours vary depending on the outside temperature. 



February 5, 2019 BY RICHARD PEACE 



Tugga heated cycling gloves incorporate conductive carbon fiber strands into the glove fabric and a battery in each glove passes electrical current through the fibers to heat them. 

As someone who likes to keep cycling in all seasons and conditions these looked like a boon for me, as just about every other method I had tried still resulted in painfully cold hands when cycling in seriously subzero temperatures. 

The only solution I had previously found effective was ridiculously thick gloves that were incredibly cumbersome.

These Tugga heated cycling gloves feel well-made and are comfortable and warm as soon as you put them on, but are not too thick to stop you, say, operating average sized control buttons on an e-bike.

There is gel padding on the palms and inside of the thumb, surrounded by a grippy rubber pattern that is bonded onto the glove material. 

There is plenty of material below the elasticated cuffs to keep the wrist area warm and this also doubles as the battery pocket, with the batteries sitting unobtrusively on your wrist and not really noticeable once you have worn the gloves a little while. 

The glove material is eVent Windproof, designed to do just as it says - keep the wind out - but also to breathe and stop sweating whilst being water repellent. The inner surface of the glove is fleecelike and very cosy. 

The batteries connect via an inbuilt cable in the heated glove and are of the push fit, magnetic type and sit in their own pocket in the wrist cuff. 

The are four temperature settings green (37ºC), orange (45ºC), red (55ºC) and white (customizable to suit user) and these are changed using the push button on the rear of the glove, which also act as on/off and bluetooth pairing buttons. 

The buttons are also remotely operable via the Tugga smartphone app once the gloves are bluetooth paired to a remote device such a smartphone. 

The Tugga app is also useful for being able to monitor battery levels, customise temperature settings and turn the flashing lights on the rear of the glove on or off.

Is there any danger of electrical shock, overheating or battery fire?

It seems unlikely: even if you touched the bare carbon fiber elements whilst 'live' it is highly unlikely you would feel anything whatsoever other than the heat.

The heated cycling gloves contain a thermostat to prevent them becoming too hot and the batteries themselves are DEKRA certified (DEKRA being the largest inspection and testing company in Germany and the third largest in the world). All this should put your mind at rest.

I used the gloves for several hours riding in Jan 2019 with air temperatures ranging from around 8C degrees to around 2C below and from damp to very cold and but dry and both during the day and at night. 

In short they worked very well, keeping my hands pretty warm in sub zero temperatures. 

Your hands definitely become cooler over around 15mph due to windchill, but they are still not uncomfortable, whereas without the heated gloves they would have been painfully cold. 

I felt the heating around the backs of my fingers most (presumably where the heating elements sit) and less so on inside the palm. It's always my fingertips that suffer most with cold so the gloves did a good job of preventing this. 

I found the temperature controls useful too, switching up to the highest level for longer colder rides. 


Overall a practical and welcome use of modern electrical technology. 


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